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A Passion For Wine

My name is H. Bruce Smith and I've been exploring the world of wine since my college days sipping Gamay Beaujolais. In the pursuing years I found myself in Burgundy sipping the wine at the source. I continue to be excited about visiting new wine regions, and am returning to France in October 2017 for the 14th time to investigate first hand the Rhone Valley.

Like you, I am a wine tourist at heart. My adventures have found me tasting wine in Virginia, Ohio, California, France (Bordeaux,Alsace,Rhone,Languedoc,Burgundy) and Italy (Tuscany). Now I am returning to Oregon after 3 years in Sonoma County, CA. I started my wine tour biz in the Umpqua Valley AVA outside Roseberg, OR in 2007.

Wine Guide

I have fun conducting wine tours. I share my passion for wine with my fellow wine enthusiasts and offer my insights on wine tasting and how to enhance the tasting experience. As owner and operator I am focused on delivering a day immersed in the local wine scene. My focus is on supporting local family wineries and their hard work.